Account Types

Basic Account
- Completely Free. No credit card required.
- View all projects
- Daily email updates

Premium Account
- Only $x.xx per month
- View all projects
- Daily email updates
- Advance Search Page with text searching
- Visitor Activity Report (See who is bidding or looking at the same project)
- Register to a Project as either a:
    - General Contractors Seeking Sub-Bids (w/DBE options)
    - Subcontractors Planning to Bid (w/DBE options)

Using the Search Page (premium feature)

Word Search:
This will return results with one or more of any of the given words, with no precedence given to any one word.

Exact Phrase:
This will return only results with the exact given phrase.

Advance Search:
Different words and phrases can be used in one search. For example:
"Tunneling", "Soil Stabilization", Soil Treatment", "Demolition"

Wildcard character (*) can also be used. Searching for "Pre Fab*" will return "Pre Fab", "Pre Fabricated", Pre Fabrication", etc.

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